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Scars of stars

(1) 23-09-2013 kl. 04:25

I walk alone on my path among the stars
They fill my hands with dust and scars

The moon I feel in my heart and soul
I watch the stars while I’m getting cold

Soon the sun will rise above the skies
The stars begins to fade while they dies

I close my eyes and try to find my peace
Let the stars blows in the morning breeze


(2) 23-09-2013 kl. 20:36

Svar på indlæg nr. 1 af Poetica:

i walk alone on my path among men
i let go of the helping hands

i got the cold light of the moon chilling my soul
i let the stars shine through my transparent mind

maybe the sun will rise for others
i dwell on the darkness as i fade to nothing

i close my eyes searching for peace of mind
but only see the vast empty space

i am here....i am not

el frito

tak poe

Redigeret 23-09-2013 kl. 20:37

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